Friday, March 19, 2010

E gerl in a train

Hey there.. On 18/3/10, at 2plus , i saw a gerl in a school uniform boarded a train from jurong east or bukit batok.. not sure abt it.. She alight at Woodlands same as me.. She is so sweet, white skin, long hair, look so tired, hgt abt 1.45 wgt abt 40 plus to 50.. She look so sweet when she fall asleep.. My eyes cant stop looking at her even a glance will do.. I wish to knw her.. But i'm too shy to ask 4 her number.. Wish oneday, i will see her again.. I don even knw her name.. Wat i knw she would b staying around woodlands area..

Saturday, March 6, 2010

My HeLL LiFe

My Life after she left me, was like hell.. I knw its my fault but y cant she 4gif me?..
Ever since i knw her, she brighten up my life, my life change alot..
Every her msg me smile alone like a guy just fall in love n i'm so in love wif her.. Her eyes, her smile, always make me hapie.. I will never 4get the moment i'm wif her..
Right nw i try 2 move on.. But i just cant as she always appear in my dreams.. Why dis happen?..
I wish i could lost my memory n act as normal so i dont knw wat had happen from all my previous LOVE LIFE like HELL.. Hmm, she heal my broken heart n now she hurt me again..